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Morrison Neighborhood

Morrison Apartments will be converted from Family and Graduate Student Housing units for to single student housing for fall 2015. Therefore, we are unable to renew your housing agreement for Morrison next year. Your current housing agreement will end on May 31, 2015 and you must be moved from your apartment by 5pm pm that day. We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause you, but hope that you have received enough advance notice to make other housing arrangements for the future.

We also want to answer some common questions that you may have. If you have questions not covered by the information below, please feel free to contact the Family Resource Center at (405) 744-6359.

TRANSFERS: You may transfer to another neighborhood at any time up to May 31, 2015. There will be no transfer fee for Morrison residents. Please contact the Family Resource Center and speak with Enrique Sanchez about available units and transfer requests.

CANCELLATIONS: Your current housing agreement does not end until May 31, 2015. We will not permit Morrison residents to cancel their agreement prior to this date.

SINGLE GRADUATE STUDENTS: You will have the option to complete a single student housing contract and select a space in Morrison apartments. Please be aware that single student housing rents by the bed and not by the unit and there will also be a difference in cost. Please contact the Housing and Residential Life office at (405) 744-5592 if you have questions about availability and pricing.

EXCEPTIONS: We have already received requests from current residents asking if they can be granted an exception to stay in Morrison. Unfortunately we cannot grant these requests. However, we will take ADA accommodations into consideration if you are registered with Student Disability Services and Morrison offers the only reasonable accommodation for you.

OFF-CAMPUS HOUSING: We realize that some of you may choose to move off campus at the end of you housing agreement. The OSU Off-Campus Housing Student Association offers some helpful resources on their web-site including a housing guide and renting information. If you have questions about off-campus housing, you can contact Tracy Sheehan at (405) 744-7283 or visit the web-site at